Sunday, June 17, 2007

Abby & I wish Daddy the best father's day and want you to know your gift will be mailed on Monday!!


Monday, June 11, 2007

This morning Abby made a successful grocery trip with mommy. That means we slept and mom had no lines and everything we needed was there and we got no extras...YEAH! We got to hear from Nick yesterday night on the computer and he is doing good. We hope to hear from him again becuase it is always good to know that he is alright...Abby's second cousins came for a visit this weekend. Everyone got to hold her and she enjoyed it completely. Poor Great Uncle Ed (makes him sound old don't you think??) didn't get hold her until yesterday becuase the girls hogged her. Another week starts and I am sure more fun will come with it!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Today was not a fun day. Nick had to leave to go back to Iraq. It was kind of neat to see people tell us how beautiful our daughter was - becuase you know you have stared at babies before and thought how cute they were. This time it was our daughter. We have a daughter. People also stopped to thank Nick and that always brings a tear to my eye becuase you never hear about the support the troops actually get, but it is out there. When they call Nick's zone to board the plane he handed me Abby and kissed her and me a couple times before he walked to the gate. After they checked his ticket he turned back and waved...Abby knows something is different as she was very fussy and wanted to cry if I put her down today. She just wanted to be held and I don't think I was the one she wanted to be held by. We love you Daddy - Come home safe...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Abby went to the doctor yesterday and they told us she was perfect!! Her umbilical cord has fallen off, she can hold her head up like a two month old, and she now weighs 7.15 pounds! She likes to sit in her vibrating chair while mommy and daddy do other things around the house that need done - like sweeping, dishes, and laundry (mostly hers now). She is never far from one of her big brothers - Max or Tanner. They like to keep an eye out, but Max needs to learn that no matter how much he licks her, she will never taste like a treat!
We are both getting ready for Nick to leave us tomorrow. Not going to be a good day for anyone - but we will get through. At least family and friends are never far, just a phone call away. Or a blog post! :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Daddy & His Baby Girl

Abby had her first week birthday yesterday and where did she start the day off? In church! Pastor Josh welcomed Abby and even included her in the prayer after prayer and praise requests were taken. She was a little angel and even learned to pray!

Abby also enjoyed her first ever game of Phase 10 - our favorite game to play with the grandparents! Of course Mommy won!

This morning Abby had her first bath and by the pictures you can tell she did not mind too, to much. She fussed at first but then she got comfy! :) She now smells pretty again instead of like milk. Her umbilical cord fell off!! It really grossed mommy out and gave everyone a good chuckle...yuck!! We are off to another weight check this afternoon and I am sure Daddy will think of something to get her. After all she got a new pair of shoes for her birthday on a trip to Wal Mart alone with Daddy. I think those trips are going to get dangerous as she gets older!