Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yes It Has Been A Year - But We're Back!

Yes I realize it has been a year since any updates have been done...but with Ryley Ann on the way I suppose I should make this more of a habit. As I do this Abby is sitting under my feet tearing apart a Crayola Crayon box and making a complete mess of my so called crafting space that is still yet to be determined. Will it become Ryley's room, or will the girls share a room??
What got me to come back to the blog was Grandma Lisa asked me to send pictures like I said I would and I forgot to burn them to take to work to we are just going to do it this way again! So much easier and that is what I need in life!! SO here you all go:
The Pumpkin Patch Trip to Gross Farms
Fall Fest at New Life Praise Church

Caught Trying to Crawl on the Table!
Reading Already!

Playing in the Room and Cheesing for the Camera!