Thursday, July 5, 2007


Love my ruffled butt outfits!

Look At My Pretty Outfits! I finally fit into my newborn clothes!!

Sleeping Beauty

Silly Faces!

Abby's First Self Pics! Aunt Marci Would be so proud! Self pics at one month old to carry on the tradition!

Happy First 4th of July!

Abby celebrated the 4th in style thinking of her Daddy the Hero all day!

Grandma Donohue!

Grandma Donohue came to visit! She got to meet her third grandchild and give her daughter a break! I was actually enjoying passing Abby to Grandma so I could clean. I never though dusting would be fun! Nick would love to hear that! Abby enjoyed meeting her Grandma and getting fed by her at crazy hours...she even showed Grandma how fussy she could be in the afternoons! BUT Grandma still enjoyed spoiling her!!! Abby got a new bouncy chair!!!